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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Acupuncture . Food Therapy . Herbal Medicine

Dr Neal Loh BSc BVMS CVA

Veterinarian, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Neal’s broad knowledge in both Western Veterinary Medicine and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) allows him to treat every patient from a holistic perspective. TCVM treatment strategies aim to correct any imbalances within the body and therefore treatment is often targeted at the root cause rather than just providing symptomatic relief.

Neal incorporates acupuncture, herbal medicine and food therapy as part of his treatment approach, either on its own or to compliment conventional therapies. TCVM can be seen as a natural approach to both acute and chronic conditions, providing our furry companions with the best holistic care.

Neal has treated a range of small animals using TCVM with great success, mainly dogs, cats and even rabbits.

Read more about Dr Neal Loh and his TCVM journey here

Acupuncture for Dogs

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Acupuncture for Dogs in the comfort of their homes

An essential aspect of TCVM, acupuncture uses very fine needles that are inserted at specific acupuncture points along the body, to facilitate energy flow and therefore healing. You may also have heard of the term “meridians”, which are essentially a network of channels where energy flows throughout the body constantly - like a highway and roads that are all interconnected. The number of points chosen, chronological sequence of needling, needle retention times, are based on TCVM diagnosis and reasoning. Acupuncture is gentle yet highly effective for all musculoskeletal conditions and is also used to support numerous diseases associated with internal medicine.


Herbs for Animals
Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been practised traditionally for thousands of years, in both western and eastern cultures. Herbs are a lot closer to us than we think, such as their extensive use in the culinary world, or even just growing in our backyards. Each herb retains their own natural healing properties, which allows the right combination of herbs to work together synergistically to achieve the desired effect. One or multiple herbal formulas can be used together at once, often added to food, and are chosen specifically based on TCVM diagnoses and individual patient’s needs. Prescribed herbal formulas may come in the form of powder, tea pills or liquid tinctures.

Food Therapy for Animals
Food Therapy

Food therapy forms a key component of my consultation, whether it is for a young growing puppy, kitten or an adult. “We are what we eat” - wholesome foods provide the right energy for general well-being and immunity against ailments. The diet of our pet becomes increasingly important especially when they are fighting or recovering from illnesses. Therefore it is also important to recognise that each individual pet may have different dietary requirements as well as intolerances. Food therapy is commonly used in conjunction with herbal formulas, to help correct specific imbalances within the body.

Holistic Pet Vet Dr Neal Loh


Dr. Neal Loh graduated from Murdoch University (Perth, Western Australia) as a veterinarian and has a background in veterinary public health and small animal private practice. After experiencing how TCVM have changed many of his patients’ and pet owners’ lives, he pursued further training in TCVM from the Chi Institute (Florida, USA).   Dr. Loh is a mobile veterinary acupuncturist based in Perth, Western Australia. He typically spends an hour with the patient on the initial consultation, and between 30 - 45 minutes for follow up visits. He believes his patients are most comfortable when in their home environment, which has a positive influence on acupuncture treatment and outcomes. Dr. Loh commonly treats patients with musculoskeletal issues (eg. hip dysplasia, neck/back pain, ligament strains, joint dislocations, limb weakness), spinal diseases and various neurological conditions. He is passionate about continuing education and is also an active member of the World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (WATCVM).

Client Reviews

"After months of watching my French Bulldog suffer with stiff muscles and a sore back we met Dr Neal. He was able to bring him back to his mischievous happy self with a few sessions of acupuncture. Batman loved ever session and was so relaxed with Dr Neal’s techniques. This along with a change of diet that he helped us put together has made our dog so much happier and healthier. I cannot thank you enough!" - Rachael

I am overwhelmed by the way Dr Neal works, as a dog groomer I am always looking for Vets with specialist knowledge to recommend.
I became so tired of other professionals taking so little notice of chronic conditions, irritations and health issues. My dogs mean the world to me, so I can't thank him enough; after just my first consult I finally have some answers to questions other vets couldn't answer. 

"Dr Neal is amazing! He has been doing acupuncture on 2 of my pets and it has helped them both a lot" -  Jami

"Dr Neal is such an amazing and compassionate vet, he really cares about his patients and their families." - Hannah

"Dr Neal is an amazing veterinarian. he has seen so many of my animals and helped them so much, he is so compassionate. My mum loves seeing him with her Husky aswell. He's approachable and full of knowledge. I highly recommend!" - Beca

"Dr Neal brings together the best knowledge of Western and traditional Chinese medicine, and is truly passionate about what he does. I wouldn't trust anyone else to present better care for my ailing pet than him!" - Pearl

"Dr Neal is so compassionate and caring, nothing is too hard for him, he doesn't rush you. He is treating my little old girl (17yr old Jack Russell /foxy) her back legs were constantly going from under her (very distressing as her Mum) Dr Neal has been treating her with his herbs and its a miracle result! Highly recommend Holistic Vet :)" - Kerry

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